Clothing exchanging app.

The app allows to swap unused items. 
Find the right piece in a radios around you. Keep the environment clean, buy less, save money, trade more, and still get fresh outfits without going to the shop. Trading 
instead of buying.

The Problem 

we all have unused clothing in our closets, it takes up space, it hurts the environment, and it costs a lot of money.

These clothes are in great condition but we don’t wear them for whatever reason. Maybe it is no longer our style, nolonger fits, or we just don’t love it anymore.

The fashion industry is moving faster than ever. Retailers are putting out new clothes every single week and We are buying more clothing than we used to.

When we swap clothing, we are saving resources and doing the environment

a solid favor. 60 percent of the clothes made from synthetic materials, when thrown away, they often sit in landfills for hundreds of years, if not forever.

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many of us tend to throw away clothes after a year or two, We should get some use out of it, 
extend our wardrobe, save an incredible amount of time and money.


The main method I used for gathering data is to conduct 100 user interviews surveys to get a better understanding of the problem of storage clothing that we do not use. 

Using my research questions I’ve tried to understand what were the main pain points that make people want to trade clothing.
I asked 10 questions to get a better understanding of the users:
About the
desire to get replaced with clothes that are not new, the number of clothes in the closet, and the frequency of borrowing clothes.

The Persona

I created a persona by analyzing data from my research.
The app development process is based on the potential
user's pain points and desires.

This is Emaily

The Solution

Extend our wardrobe, buy less, trade more, and still get fresh outfits. Find the right piece in radios around you.

The resources have already been used to make the clothing. Instead of buying newclothes, trade quickly and easily just as you would swipe on tinder.


I initially started the design process by creating a sitemap that will help me achieve a clear, structured diagram of the app’s hierarchy. Leaning on that enabled me to create a clear, well-defined user flow.

User Flow



Help the users discover the "Aha!" moment of app


Enter a Location


Upload a photo of the item


Categories the item

By clothing type, size, color, condition and distance


Swipe to show your interest

Find your match and start trading!

The app will find pieces near your location

Take a photo and add it to your swoop account

Right to approve left to disapprove

Negotiate the best outcome for both sides

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