Nowadays the COVID 19 is roaming all around the internet, it about time we shine some light on the really important data, clearly and simply.

4 key factors :

Worldwide overlook

Cases by date

Percentage of cases per capita

Age & Gender distribution worldwide.

These key factors were chosen to sum up all the overwhelming information so the data is accessible for everyone.

Design Elements






Open Sans

Running Text




User Flow

Wire Framing

World Map

Overall Look

The map shows the overall status of COVID 19 active cases around the world.
Each contrary status is depicted by 1 of 2 colors, indicating the severity of the area. Matte color being over 1000 new cases, and transparent color being less than 1000 active case. 

Cases By Date

Active, Recovered, Critical

And Deceased

This graph shows the overall world status over time.

The metrics shown Active cases, 

Recovered,Critical and Deceased.

Specific dates and time frames can be pulled to demonstrate the rise/decline of Covid 19 within those frames.

Most Affected Countries

percentage per capita

The ring chart compere the top 10 infected countries. Demonstrating active cases percentage per capita.

Age & Gender
Worldwide Cases

The data shown worldwide status, dividing between age and gender. 

By hovering over the bars you can get more accurate picture of the specific info you are inspecting.


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